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Louvre Museum - Abu Dhabi

In 2014 Gilgen Door Systems won a £1.5m contract to supply LPS1175 tested high security shutters,acoustic insulated shutters and security grills for the new 24,000 square metre (260,000 sq ft) Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE; one of the World’s highest profile building projects.

Manufactured in the UK and meeting Police Preferred ‘Secured by Design’ standards, Rolegard high security shutters help reduce security threats through proven target hardening measures. Tested by BRE against anti-jacking, prising, gouging, impact, cutting and drilling, the Rolegard SR4 was the first to achieve LPS1175, Issue 7, Level 4 certification and is the only one to have passed a supplementary test for stainless steel profiles.

Gilgen will supply over 100 security shutters for the project, of which 65 are SR4 rated and up to 8 metres x 8 metres in size. The company is working closely with its local distribution partner to ensure the quality and on time delivery of every installation. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a building project of cultural importance and global significance. The museum will open its doors to the World in 2016.

Released: September 2015


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