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New York, Air Train JFK

Between 1998 and 2003, 10 stations with 20 platforms for the JFK Airtrain in New York were eqipped with 160 PSD-F units. The operator is: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

Project PSD-F PSD-H total platform length [m] Implementation phase
USA- NEW YORK Air Train JFK 160   1'400 1998 - 2003

31. December 2004

One particular aspect of this project is the fact the façade is located in the open. Taking into account the fact that it is thus exposed to the rigors of changing atmospheric conditions, the customer has opted for the material Stainless steel for the entire façade. In addition, these PSD-F installations were equipped with heating elements, in order to guarantee a faultless operation even during the times of extremely low temperatures.

Customer: Bombardier Transportation
Operator: The Port Autority of New York & New Jersey


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