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Oxford Brookes University Building

  • Invisible under-floor sliding door operators
  • Bi-parting Gilgen SLX Sliding Doors
  • Gilgen HDO Swing Door Operators 
Gilgen invisible under-floor operated sliding doors and swing door operators have been installed as part of the new extension to Oxford Brookes University Headington Campus. Working with main contractors, Gilgen Door Systems supplied and installed a total of nine bi-parting sliding door systems and five heavy duty swing door operators over the project duration which will be completed in stages.
Construction on the Headington Campus began in January 2011. The new building will provide 24,000m2 of new accommodation, including a new library, lecture theatres, student services, teaching accommodation and commercial/retail space designed by Design Engine. The bi-parting doors and unique under-floor operators have been used to provide access to various areas around the building and were specified for a neater, more aesthetic appearance, enabling a seemless transition into the glazed panels above the doors.
 The Gilgen HDO swing door operators provide automatic opening of structurally glazed doors and can also be found at various access points around the building providing further reliable access in busy areas. The Gilgen under-floor drive is mounted below floor level and is hidden by a removable cover. This enables unrestricted design possibilities. The operator can be used with a variety of door designs including all-glass and slim profiles ensuring a sophisticated, harmonious appearance to match today’s modern design requirements.


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