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Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, East Grinstead

Gilgen Door Systems has completed the installation of a number of automatic doors at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) in Birmingham, designed to improve accessibility and patient care. The door systems include new automatic swing doors, folding doors and sliding doors at various locations across the Northfield hospital, which is one of the largest orthopaedic centres in Europe.

The ROH Foundation Trust chose to automate two manual fire-rated swing doors in the HDU (High Dependency Unit) with technologically advanced Gilgen FD 20 swing door operators. Activated by push pad, the operators make access considerably easier for porters who transport heavy trolleys of medical supplies to and from theatre throughout the day. The powerful Swiss designed FD 20 is certified for use on fire doors providing up to 2 hours protection on timber door sets and incorporates advanced technology for extremely quiet, efficient and reliable operation.

Gilgen SLX single sliding automatic doors with 2.2m x 1.8m glazed door leafs have been installed in two out-patient units. These large attractive doors, printed with the ROH logo, have helped to dramatically improve ease of access for patients and staff by replacing the previous heavy weight manual doors. The SLX doors are fitted with pocket screens to prevent accidental contact when the door leaf is in motion and are activated through push pads. In addition the doors are integrated with the out-patient units fob system to maintain security outside normal working hours.

In the theatre courtyard, a Gilgen FFM automatic folding door system was chosen because its specification makes it particularly suitable for corridors where there is limited space.  The folding doors maximise the 1.5m clear opening width of the entrance providing easy passage for different users including the elderly, wheel chair users, patients on beds, disabled persons as well as able-bodied pedestrians. The FFM doors compliment an existing set of Gilgen folding doors on the other side of the courtyard and are activated by an infrared safety scanner which constantly monitors the area around the door to ensure safe, efficient opening.
  • Market Sector: Health sector
  • Country: United Kingdom


August 2015


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