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Gigen FFM Folding Automatic Door
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Rotherham General Hospital

Gilgen Door Systems has completed the installation of a number of automatic pedestrian doors and industrial doors at Rotherham General Hospital which are designed to improve security, accessibility and energy efficiency.

The installation includes Gilgen FFM automatic pedestrian doors, Rolegard® insulated roller shutters and Kwikroll® high speed doors.

Gilgen FFM folding pedestrian doors have been installed to the main entrance of the maternity wing and a main corridor leading to the Emergency Department. Gilgen FFM doors have proven their reliability in other locations throughout the hospital and are the preferred choice since they maximise the clear opening width of doors for ease of access.

The industrial doors have been installed as part of a wider refurbishment of the maintenance and loading bay areas of the hospital and include a Gilgen Rolegard® insulated roller shutter and Kwikroll® high speed door.

The Rolegard insulated shutter has been installed to the loading bay area and matches a shutter previously installed by Gilgen. The Galfan coated steel automatic shutters feature an insulated panel that helps minimise heat loss. A digital key pad provides additional security along with a CCTV camera and secure office for authorised personnel. 
January 2014


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