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Queen Victoria Hospital - East Grinstead

Gilgen Door Systems has completed the installation of 45 automatic swing door operators at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in East Grinstead, designed to help improve accessibility, efficiency and patient care.

Activated by push pad the Gilgen FD20 swing door operators help improve safety and make access considerably easier for the theatre staff, easing the transport of patients, medical supplies and heavy equipment throughout the day. The FD20 Swing Door Operator was chosen to automate 35 double doors and 10 single doors in the hospital’s new theatre suite and at other key locations across the facility.

The powerful Gilgen FD20 is certified for use on the hospitals fire rated timber doors and safety has been further improved through the installation of infrared motion sensors meeting EN16005 guidelines. To minimise any potential risk of impact with the door, sensors continuously monitor the surrounding area for any obstacles or traffic, stopping and returning the door where any presence is detected. 

Of high quality Swiss design, the FD20 was initially installed to three double doors serving just one of the operating theatres. This trail proved so successful it lead to the decision to specify it on all remaining theatre doors.

Gilgen installed the equipment over five weekends, completing the work to budget and a week ahead of schedule. In addition to the theatre suite Gilgen FD20’s have also been installed on doors to the refurbished children’s ward, eye department and hospital restaurants. 


August 2015


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