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Colchester General Hospital

  • Bespoke automatic privacy screens
  • Touch pad and remote control activation
  • Integrated media boards

Gilgen has supplied and installed nineteen sets of bespoke automatic single sliding door packages at Colchester General Hospital as part of the hospitals continuous improvement of patient dignity and privacy.
The Gilgen SLX single sliding door packages, specifically tailored for Colchester General Hospital, have been incorporated into new ward bays, sectioning the main ward into smaller six bed areas. With an overall width of 4.2 metres each door has been designed to give a clear opening width of 2 metres allowing easy access for beds, equipment and wheel chairs etc.
Manifestations positioned at eye level ensure privacy for the patients and activation is by touch-less pads, helping to fight the spread of infection. Additionally, porters have been issued with multichannel remote controls enabling a door to be opened on approach providing unhindered access when beds, patients and equipment are being moved. The 2.2 metre wide pocket side screens have been inlaid with dry wipe boards which are used by staff to record patient information providing a practical, reusable resource.
Julie Firth, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust said “The installation of Gilgen sliding doors will help us to achieve national standards of Delivering Single Sex Accommodation by the end of February – one month before the national deadline”. “While doing all that we can to optimise privacy and dignity is one of our priorities, we have also found that their installation has helped to modernise our estate and improve the physical environment, both for patients and staff”.


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