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Implementation of successful railway projects "Automatic Doors for Public Transport (ADP)"

The following key factors guarantee a successful implementation of large-scale projects in the sector of rail- bound public transport systems:
- Core competence in project management and engineering
- A sustainable strategic focusing of our company on railway applications
- Long-term experience in handling major projects in the public transport sector

On the strength of our experience of long standing in the field of drive and control technology for door systems, Gilgen Door Systems is now recognized on a worldwide level as a leading expert and reliable partner for successfully implementing large-scale projects in the public transport sector.

Gilgen Door Systems is a single-source provider of the following service performances:
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Development and engineering
  • Logistics and installation
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Maintenance

Typical course of a project

It goes without saying that an appropriate company strategy is indispensable for guaranteeing the success of such major and long-term projects! We are developing highly available and safe systems that are not only meant for long-term use but at the same time keep the customer’s investment as low as possible. From Gilgen’s viewpoint, there are three essential factors that have a determining influence on a successful and sustainable implementation of the project:

1. Safety and availability (R.A.M.S)
Due to the fact the door systems are part of a very complex railway infrastructure, they must answer the highest requirements with regard to:
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Maintainability / Service
  • Safety

2.  In the long term
For long-term investments and product life spans of over 30 years, the customer not only expects a future- compliant design but also an efficient preventive and corrective maintenance service.  Gilgen Door Systems therefore attaches great importance to the following aspects:
  • System know-how: Project documentation and knowledge management ensure the required long-term system expertise and interconnectivity.
  • More than 30 years of technical support: As a trustworthy partner, we offer our customers long-term assistance to guarantee the operational integrity and necessary extension of their systems.
  • Sustainability: Functional system guarantee (availability of spare parts, spare systems, obsolescence management etc.)

3. Use of well-proven system concepts
To make sure that the objectives with regard to the sustainability of the system and the R.A.M.S. values can be met, Gilgen ADP only uses thoroughly tested and well-proven concepts and technologies. As a result of the standardized concepts and systems, Gilgen can tap into the potential synergies and guarantee consistency in the following areas:
  • Project documentation & instructions (manuals)
  • Maintenance know-how and processes
  • Spare kits of electric and electronic sub-systems
In virtue of our expert knowledge in the drive and control technology gained during more than 50 years of activity in the sector of door systems, and based on more than 20 years of experience in implementing large-size projects for the public transport sector, Gilgen Door Systems is your first-choice partner.

The stringent requirements with regard to organization, technical and logistic standards as well as maintenance can only be fulfilled by a well-trained project team whose members are perfectly attuned to one another, so that the interdisciplinary challenges can be met within the planned time frame and in the required quality.
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