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Gilgen SLX-M – Our Classic Sliding Door

A man walking through open sliding glass doorsOpen to a Wide Range of Applications

The high-quality Swiss designed Gilgen SLX-M automatic sliding door system manages pedestrian flows with high levels of convenience, hygiene and design. 
Our standard SLX-M drive unit is the basis of a wide range of possible functions, allowing access to your building to be optimised to match pedestrian traffic flows. From shops, banks and offices to hotels and restaurants to airports and train stations, our reliable and secure automatic entry system provides simplicity of access for your visitors and staff.
If your hands are not free for any reason, our automatic sliding doors provide barrier-free access. This offers an excellent solution for disabled users, who benefit from the contact-free convenience our automatic sliding doors offer.
The Gilgen SLX-M drive unit meets our ever growing need for safety and security. Optional functions, such as burglar-resistant components or door systems designed to offer a guaranteed escape route in the event of an emergency, are just two of the features available.
As well as offering multiple configuration possibilities, the SLX-M drive unit can blend in harmoniously with the architectural design of any building. We offer clients and architects advanced functionality and prestigious designs created to meet your exacting requirements.
Download the SLX-M Spec Sheet or contact us today for further information.

Need a solution for limited access space?
The SLX-M sliding door system is also available in telescopic configuration (SLX-M-t with PSXP profile system). This allows access width to be maximised, even in places where space is limited.

Need the ideal combination for a wide range of uses?

The SLX-M sliding door drive unit combined with the PSXP profile system provides a complete system that is both versatile and robust.


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