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Gilgen PSW 'Green-Wings' Automatic Door

This image shows PSW automatic doors with the Green-Wings logo.Energy Saving Automatic Sliding Door System

We call our PSW automated sliding door system ‘Green-Wings’ due to its environmental properties. The Green-Wings entrance system helps buildings to retain more energy, reduce noise levels and maintain a more comfortable environment for users.
Gilgen PSW consists of a state-of-the-art door automation drive, thermally sealed door profiles and insulated glazing that helps to significantly reduce building heat loss. Ideal for externally facing doors in a number of public buildings such as hospitals, colleges, offices and transport centres, the system reduces utility bills and contributes to the achievement of Breeam sustainability standards.
Gilgen PSW has been rigorously tested and certified by the ift Rosenheim and TüV independent testing institutes to provide class leading U-values, air permeability, wind and rain resistance. The system delivers U values as low as 1.0 (triple glazed to 0.6) and is designed to provide reliable long term operation even in the toughest of environments.

This image compares the thermal signature of a building entrance with and without PSW doors.
The system incorporates a powerful Gilgen SLX door drive unit, which is of modular design and provides extensive functionality. It is powerful enough to operate even heavyweight insulated doors with speed and efficiency. The drive is designed to be easy to install, efficient and incorporates advanced safety features to ensure compliance with EN16005 safety-in-use standards.
The high-quality Swiss designed Gilgen PSW door system acts like and looks like our standard automatic door in normal daily operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its door profiles and header are manufactured of high quality components and designed to enhance the look of any building facade. An elegantly designed motion sensor system is built into the header profile for a sleek finish and activates the doors efficiently as persons and objects approach. 
PSW Green-Wings is tested for protection against driving rain and highly wind resistant making it suitable for exposed building entrances.  Each door incorporates a special runner surface and rubber damping for quiet operation and the insulation also helps to reduce noise levels, for example from busy roads and walkways.

U-value of just 1.5 to 1.9 W/(m2K) double-glazed insulation 1.1 and up to 1.0  with triple-glazed to 0.6

Air permeability EN 12207 (EN 1026)
 • Class 2 (<27m3/hm2 at 100Pa)

Resistance to driving rain EN 12208 (EN 1027)
  • Class 5A (200Pa, 30min., 2-wing)      

Wind-load stress EN 12210 (EN 12211)
  • Class B1 (400Pa, max. 1000Pa, 2-wing)

The Gilgen PSW door can be tailored to customer needs including a range of glazing and infill options from 24 to 50mm thickness. The surface finish of aluminium profiles can be finished to any RAL colour and anodised (coloured or colourless) so that the system meets the architectural style and finish of any building entrance or facade.
Available with single or bi-parting door leaves Gilgen PSW comes with a standard locking system built into the drive mechanism and is ideal for external facades. It is flexible enough to be fixed to the door lintel or wall and other possible configurations include;
  • Side Panel
  • Glazed overhead panel
  • Pocket Screen
  • Fixed point bottom guide rail
  • Fluveri multi-point locking system