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Discover the fascinating world of Gilgen automatic doors, industrial doors and gate and sliding-wall systems.

Gilgen automatic sliding door entrance
  • Gilgen automatic sliding door entrance

Automatic door systems

Comfort? Safety and security? Design? Hygiene? Energy efficiency? Managed pedestrian-flows? Gilgen Door Systems offers you a wide selection of products based on its range of automatic sliding doors.

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Industrial and commercial doors

Gilgen industrial and commercial doors offer a wide range of solutions for internal and external building applications, in combination with a number of smart drive and control options.

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Sliding-Wall Systems

Maximum flexibility and convenience of operation

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Platform Screen Doors (PSD)

Full- and half-height platform screen doors ensure safe separation of passengers from the danger of falling on to the railtrack.

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Custom-made solutions (CMS)

Specific requirements call for tailored solutions, Gilgen Door Systems are specialists in this field.

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