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Sectional Overhead Doors – Industrial and Commercial

The Gilgen Sectional Overhead Doors range allows excellent traffic throughput and access whilst also providing an effective environmental barrier that helps to reduce energy loss.

Continuous improvement in design and technology ensures our sectional overhead doors continue to lead the market. The slide-over design maximises available space by parking the open door in the roof space. Doors can be manually or electrically operated and are ideal for providing fast vehicular access to loading bays, industrial units, fire and ambulance stations, storage units, garages, showrooms and similar facilities.
Flexibility of design allows for a variety of panel arrangements including glazing infills, thermally insulated panels or a combination of both. Pass doors can be incorporated to enable easy pedestrian access.
Key advantages:
• Maximise internal space
• Attractive appearance
• Glazing panels enhance visibility
• Insulated panels for energy efficiency
• Easy to operate
• Choice of activation controls

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Industrial and commercial sectional overhead doors

Suitable for external applications, Gilgen sectional overhead doors provide safe, reliable and functional access. Options include glazed infill's and thermally insulated panels.

Energy efficient insulated sectional overhead door panels

Constructed in steel with an insulated foam injection core, Gilgen sectional overhead doors acheive thermal heat transference (U value ) range from 1.44>1.56W/m²K for standard panels or 0.69W/m²K for special thicker panels.

UK high-tech manufacturing

  • Project: 30,000sq ft extension
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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