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Kwikroll High Speed Doors

Our Kwikroll high speed doors open and close at speeds up to 3m/s in order to prevent energy loss and air contamination whilst optimising traffic flow. They are ideal for goods receipt and dispatch areas, cold stores and warehouses where contamination and temperature differentials can prove a challenge.

The Kwikroll quick access door range is suitable for both internal and external doorways and can also be specified for special application such as Atex explosion-protected environments, food preparation areas and escape routes.
Doors are fitted with safety sensors as standard and special bottom profiles are used to mitigate damage from accidental collision, providing improved protection to forklift drivers and reduced repair costs.
Key Advantages:
• Reduce building energy loss
• Stabilise internal temperature 
• Reduce air and particle contamination 
Improve hygiene
• Manage commercial traffic 
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Kwikroll high speed doors

Our high speed Kwikroll curtain rolled doors can operate at up to 3m/s dependant on the model and size. These doors offer extensive range of design options including different curtain colours and finishes, activation and integral safety features such as soft-edge and light curtain. 

UK high-tech manufacturing

  • Project: 30,000sq ft extension
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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Biffa (Waste Services) Ltd

  • Project: Biffa (Waste Services) Ltd
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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Gigen FFM Folding Automatic Door
  • Gigen FFM Folding Automatic Door
  • Gilgen FFM Folding Automatic Door Inside
  • Gilgen Delta Folding Shutters
  • Gilgen Rolegard Security Shutters

Rotherham General Hospital

  • Project: Rotherham General Hospital
  • Market Sector: Health sector
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