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Welcome on Board: Destination "Gilgen City"

Dear Customer,

We have pleasure in inviting you to visit our exhibition booth (Hall B3 / booth no. 338) between January 19th and 24th 2015, during the BAU 2015 trade fair in Munich. Inspired by the focus of the exhibition, i.e. construction activities in the future and urban development, we have worked out a new exhibition concept. Gilgen City, an architectural model, will enable you to explore our automation solutions per Augmented Reality in a completely new manner.
In addition, we are looking forward to presenting you the new Gilgen swing door drive unit (standard and fire-protection versions). Moreover, you will gain insight into the new Gilgen sliding door technology, which will doubtlessly have a considerable impact on our common future.
Just you wait and see!

As a token of our appreciation of our excellent cooperation, we are going to organize from Monday through Thursday evening a daily Gilgen Partner & Friends Aperitif on our booth. These events will be enhanced by the band „Max Meinhardt Jazz Ensemble“, various tidbits, cocktails, etc.

One important goal of this trade fair is to familiarize the architects with our products and expertise in the field of door automation. To this end, we shall be organizing from Tuesday through Friday, a daily Architect breakfast on our booth.
Prof. Dr. Heiner Haass, architect + urban developer, will be giving a presentation on "Building design for the future - Doors from the point of view of barrier-free accessibility, convenience and design”.
You are of course invited to stop by with your architects – just let us know when, so that we may organize a seat for you and your companions!

Please use the form below to request your on-line voucher for one or several free entrance tickets to the trade fair and to register for the events you are interested in attending.

We do not doubt that we can offer you an optimal support during the BAU 2015 exhibition and are looking forward to meeting you in Munich!

Booth Events

Architect Breakfast, incl. short presentation  Gilgen Partner & Friends Aperitif

  Professor Dr.
  Heiner Haass,
  Architect & urban planner
Tuesday through Friday morning,
daily between 9.30 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.

The short presentations will be given between 10.00 and 10.15 a.m. (TU-TH: German / FR: English)

Topic: Building design for the future – Doors from the point of view of barrier-free accessibility, convenience and design
Monday through Thursday evening,
 between 5.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.

Band: "Max Meinhardt Jazz Ensemble",
various cocktails and tidbits

Order form: Entrance vouchers & Registration for booth events

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